Tuesday, May 6, 2014

To My Nurse

You entered the room as a stranger, not knowing more than the diagnosis of Lydia.  You left the room my friend, someone who changed my perspective.  You never once judged me or my daughter or my family; you understood we were doing everything that we needed to for Lydia.  You respected my space if I was on the phone, you would come back or you silently went around the room to make sure Lydia was doing OK.  If I was holding Lydia you never made me give her up, you put yourself in some awkward positions to ensure I got all of the cuddle time possible with this sweet little girl.

You made sure that my daughter was in the safest place possible.  If there were problems, you helped us brainstorm an idea to make it better.  You sat with me when I would cry, you were my voice to the doctors when I didn't understand why.  You were a friend who understood and you cared so much, more then you ever had to.  You celebrated all of the small moments with us and helped us create memories that we would forever cherish.

You taught me how to care for my daughter when I could not.  You loved my daughter as your own.  You understood what calmed her, what soothed her, what she liked.  You encouraged me to take a break that Lydia would be in your loving arms.  You were much more than a nurse, you were her second mom.  You were patient and kind and always had a smile.  You understood just how difficult it was to have your child lay there, you helpless, and little that could be done.  You spent far more time in our room than you ever should have.  You held me when I was weak as if I was the patient you were caring for.  You loved our entire family.

You were the highlight of Ellen and Allison's day.  You spoiled them rotten and gave them hugs.  You included them in the care of their sisters and the smile could not be wiped away.  You reassured them that everything would be OK.  You explained the lines and the procedures and wiped their fears away.  Ellen and Allison always asked who was caring for Lydia that day and wanted to stop by to see you too, not just their sister.  You became a safe friend for them in a time of complete turmoil.  You became part of our family and for them it was hard to leave you.

There were days when we were not sure if Lydia would make the day.  You made sure you never left her side.  You deprived yourself of food and the bathroom just to take care of Lydia, just one more care to do.  You were Lydia's voice when you knew something was not right.  You told the doctors of this patient you cared for day and night.  You loved her like your own and it showed.

The day the blue button was activated in Lydia's room, you were calm and collect as you rushed to save my daughter's life.  You took charged and you even talked to me, calming me to make sure I knew you had it under control.  The doctors rushed in long after you had everything control and you told them of this fragile life and you fought for her.  I will never remember the tears I saw streaming down your eyes as you fought with everything to saver her life.  You loved my daughter as your own.

I remember the conferences you attended on your own time.  A conference we were invited to where we would learn more of our daughter's condition.  You wanted to come to learn for yourself, to better your understanding and to learn better how to care for our daughter.  You sacrificed time and for that we are grateful.  You loved her as your own, you cared for her with such compassion and pride.  Thank you for caring, for learning about our daughter, thank you for being her second mom and loving her with such devotion.

There were days when we did not know what was going on.  Doctor after doctor had been through and they just shrugged and said we don't know what to do.  You were there.  You held my hand, you wiped my tears.  We prayed together and you said it was going to be alright.  You were my strength when I had no strength left, you were my fight when I had no fight left.

One day as I sat to rock my child our nurse walked in with tears in her eyes.  She gently cradled Lydia in her eyes and cried.  I knew that she did not have to say anything.  Another angel gained wings.  It was a tough situation.  Lydia gave you comfort as you loved on her.  You sat there for hours crying and rocking my dear daughter.  Thank you for loving your patients as your own.

You rocked my child every night when you fed her.  You sang her lullabies and read to her.  You were ever so quiet, but I would half open one eye and joy would fill my heart.  You looked forward to her feedings so you could come and hold her, sing to her, and read to her.  You always placed a new colored picture about her bed or took a cute picture while she was sleeping.  You made her room feel like her nursery at home.  Thanks for helping me out when I was too tired, thanks for loving my daughter as your own.

You helped me make memories and pushed for things not done before.  Two months of being in the same hospital room is just too much.  You allowed us to take her for a walk and allowed her cousins to meet her at the same time as well.  What a special moment for all of us.  Your hand coordinated that and you knew how important that was.  I will always remember that, such a fun memory when everything else seemed so hard.  Thank you for helping our families make memories.

You never judged my child when she would growl at you, you never judged me when I was a crying mess.  You helped us get our child better so she could join her sisters at home.  You were patient with us and you helped us understand why things were happening as they were.  You were a special blessing to us and you loved our daughter as your own.  You always took the time to explain things to us and made us comfortable about her treatment.

You answer the phone with such confidence and listen to me as I pour out all of these insignificant issues Lydia is having.  I worry and I fret, but you don't.  You calm me and help me.  You listen and you encourage me.  The road is long and weary and without you on it, cheering me on, I am not sure where I would be.

You are a nurse.  You are more than just your career you are special.  I am not sure how you do it every day.  I am not sure how you can be just about everything to one family.  I am not sure how you can deprive yourself of so much to help someone else out.  God has put you on our path for a reason and we are so thankful.  If even for a moment, you have made an impact.  Thank you is never enough to show you how much it means for what you do. 

You were a second mom to my child, you saved her life, you were an important part of Lydia's care, you helped Ellen and Allison make it through this mountain experience, you made memories for our family and you are forever part of Lydia's journey.  You are our friend and you became our family.  We miss you and we are so blessed that you are our nurse.  You were more than just a nurse to Lydia, you healed our family.  Thank you!

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