Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Amazing Waitress

Often times we write about the bad, the things that happen that just are not right.  I think that I do because I have these feelings that consume me and I need an outlet to get them out.  That is usually why I write.  However, last night I experienced something that was so touching to me and I just have to get it out.  I am so excited to be writing about something that is so positive, I just have a smile from ear to ear as I relive this moving moment.

Last night my family, along with my parents, went out to celebrate my birthday.  I chose to go to the Backyard Bar and Grill because I enjoy their ribs.  We walked in and were greeted as usual (I think they are very friendly there).  We were seated and our waitress came and took our drink orders.  Allison needed to go to the bathroom, so like a good mom, I took her!

Upon coming back to the table I noticed a different waitress that was crouched down by Lydia.  Immediately I thought she was causing troubles (as she normally does) and I started in defense mode.  However, I stepped back for a second and just observed.  This waitress with shoulder length dark hair had a smile (much like mine right now) that span from ear to ear.  Her gentle hand was quietly grazing Lydia's delicate skin.  I looked over at Lydia and her eyes were completely locked with this waitress and she was smiling and ceasing every ounce of attention this waitress was giving her. 

I silently stood by my chair, waiting to sit down, but not wanting to disturb this sweet moment.  I had no idea why the waitress came over, if Lydia was being her typical self, but it was quite the moment.  The waitress asked if Lydia could color and if she could bring something for her.  We said yes.

When the waitress left I asked my husband if Lydia was disturbing people and that is why the waitress came over.  He said no, she just came over and crouched by Lydia and they were talking with one another.  My heart leaped and I was overcome with intense emotion of complete gratitude towards this waitress.

Throughout the meal the waitress came and got down on Lydia's level and talked with her, encouraged her to eat, and even used her name.  I had very little conversation with the waitress other than huge smiles.  It was almost as she knew that mealtime was very hard, most days, with Lydia.  She would ask Lydia if she could see her eat and immediately Lydia would put a piece of grilled cheese in her mouth and chew, ever taking her eyes off of the waitress.

There was some kind of connection there and it was amazing to witness.  I am not sure what it was, but it was one of the most beautiful moments.  Lydia captures the hearts of many people, she also tends to bother people sometimes to by her loud yelling and her noisy laugh and talking.  But this connection was different and was oh so beautiful.

When most everyone was done, my husband took Lydia away from the table while the rest of us finished up.  I was gathering the leftover food and cleaning up our mess.  I looked around for this wonderful waitress but she was no where.  I wanted to thank her and tell her how much that meant to me that she just saw my daughter for who she was.  She never once commented on her disability or ability.  She just saw true beauty in my daughter.

As I was walking out I looked up and was surprised that this beautiful waitress was standing in front of me.  I was speechless and I just looked at her with tears running down my cheeks and I hugged her.  I thanked her, but I was not able to really communicate to her what that meal meant to me.

As I approached my husband, I noticed that he too had tears running down his eyes.  He looked at me and said that she came all the way out to the entrance just to find Lydia and give her a hug.  He said it was such a tender touching moment.  After the waitress came to hug Lydia, Ellen said "Next time we come here, I want her for a waitress.  She was so nice to Lydia dad and that meant so much to me."

My heart was overwhelmed because this waitress genuinely cared.  That is not our experience all of the time and it was refreshing.  It was refreshing because she never said anything about those beautiful almond shaped eyes, the low lying ears, or how she loved babies with Downs.  She never mentioned any of Lydia's differences or strengths.  She never commented on her disability at all.  She showed a connection out of pure beauty and that was refreshing.  Normally we are reminded over and over that she has a disability and they are attracted to her because of this.  This beautiful waitress and Lydia had some kind of connection and it was amazing to see.

I just wanted to thank this waitress for making my birthday simply amazing.  It was such a blessing.  God placed an amazing person at the exact right moment once again.  Thank you.  I just appreciate how you came up and showed such affection towards my daughter in such an amazing way.  Thank you Backyard for employing some amazing people.  We definitely will be back there and we hope that this amazing waitress can wait on our table.

Sometimes we experience moments that take our breath away, and this was one of them.  I hope I was able to communicate accurately the beauty in this moment and how much it meant to me!

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