Friday, November 9, 2012

The Innocence of a Child

Today I am so full of the innocence of a child.  It is just Lydia and I home today and I have been sitting next to her just watching her.  She is so full of life.  She is exploring things, she is figuring things out.  She loves when you praise her.  She miles and loves to be by mom.  She has all kinds of things to say in her own language.  She understands what I am telling her and gives me the best facial expressions.  She is Lydia, there is no disability.  There is no Down syndrome, esophageal atresia, heart is just her.

And she is no different than my other children.  I listened to Ellen read this morning.  Sounding out each letter and trying to put all of the sounds together to make a word.  She loves to read.  She loves to figure things out.

Then there is Allison.  She is special in her own way.  She gets things without really having to work at them.  She can walk up to a new situation and tell you just how it should be.  Often times she is correct.  She has a natural gift.  She is fun to watch, mostly because she has so much energy.

Our children just see life as it is, simple and full of joy.  They don't have anything else to focus on other than that.  My children are always playing church and reading the Bible.  They always have a new story to tell.  They live now, and don't let anyone stop them.  If they hear something that does not sound quite right, they ask to get more information.  I realize they have a small amount of life experience, but sometimes that is better.

They don't put labels on things.  They just see it for what it is.  They are full of love and energy, laughter and love.  Why can't we be more like children?  Why can't we have a teachable heart, know pure joy and honesty?  Why can't we be accepting of things?  When we hear something that does not sound right, why can't we question and get more information instead of forming our own label or decision?  I love the innocence and pureness of a child.  I learn so much from it.

I also think about some of the recent decisions in our life, specifically on Tuesday.  As people seem upset and unsure about what to come, I feel more grounded and more at peace than ever before.  God holds my future, He holds my tomorrow.  Only He can tell me, show me what will happen.  I don't have to account to a president, a mayor, a teacher.  Yes, I need to respect and support them, but that is not who I have to give accountability to.  That is not who I need to focus on.

If we put our trust in this world we will get hurt over and over.  I see that pureness of the innocent child get crushed over and over in our world.  People are cruel and mean.  The simplest things are often ruined and crushed by someone just looking to hurt someone.  It is sad, but that is sin.  And just because we take up the cross and follow Jesus does not mean our life will be simple and not full of trials (just the opposite) but we are filled with the Holy Spirit.  We are filled with promises and strength of our God.

We don't have to trust in things of this world.  I am sure that our children know no different.  Our children put their trust in their parents.  They are guided and taught what the parents believe.  That is probably why my children play church...they don't know much else.  It is so awesome to see that innocence and pureness in our children.  It is our job to embrace that, teach them as God calls us to.  For mothers, that is our ministry.  They are our mission field.  This is the legacy we were called to leave behind.  They will have the strength, if taught right, to impact a generation.  To cary on the Gospel.  How wonderful and awesome that is.  What a great ministry.  There is more than just laundry, dishes, cleaning toilets, and cooking.  It is a high calling from God Himself to be a mom, it is a reward.

I will continue to trust in God and put my hope in Him.  While it is easy to get caught up in things of this world, I will do my best to be on my knees in conversation with my Father.  He is so awesome and mighty, He is worthy of our praises.

I am blessed each time I go to lift one of my girls and look in their eyes.  They always have a gleam of joy that just radiates out.  I am so blessed to watch them grow, to see their innocence and guide them as I have been called to do so.  And just because we put a label on someone or something, does not mean that it defines them.  I love the playtime on our floor, there is no labels, no one says you can't do it.  It is just pure innocence and joy.  It is awesome to see.  Take the time to redefine the label.  Take the time to get to know for yourself.  Praise you oh Father!

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