Sunday, February 3, 2013


When you hear the word hero what comes to your mind?  Who is your hero?  Why are they your hero?  What have they done to make you think of them in that way?  What have they done to make you a better person?

Many kids grow up with heroes in their lives.  Many of these so called heroes are made up, something that will never be.  They come in the form of a cape and someone who can fly.  While these are not bad things in a make-believe world. I certainly don't want my children to think that is reality.  I don't want them to think that a hero can just come in and save the day and things will be just ducky.  That is not reality.  I don't want them to live in a made-up world idolizing something that will never be.  I want their hero to be someone who inspires them, who makes them better, who cares for them.  I want their hero to be real.  I want them to think about what a hero really is.  Someone who gives with all of their heart, gives selflessly, someone who makes those around them better, someone who does not think of themselves, but fights for what is right at all costs.  I can think of many heroes that we, as a society just ignore.  I don't want them to idolize someone because of money or fame, that means nothing. 

There are many things that bring me to this post today.  I watched a video today about the Super bowl's super kid.  He is a child who was born with six different congenital heart defects.  He has endured so much.  During the interview they were talking about how inspiring he was.  At the end, one of the anchors said that it must be so awesome for the boy to be there watching his heroes.  However, the boy never mentioned that.  The interviewing anchor said that this boy painted a much different picture.  It is just a game.  What he (the boy) endured was so much more than a game or fame, it was real.  It was not just about a game riding on a lot of money, it was about a life, something you don't have a second chance at.

I just started thinking, that is so true.  What we idolize as a society really means nothing in the scheme of things.  Money, greed, big house, fancy car, nice clothes, the best of this, the best of that.  When push comes to shove, none of that means anything.  My daughter's life means everything to me.  When you have been blessed to be put in a position where you can recognize this, you are rich.  You are a super hero to someone else.  You have watched someone fight and give everything they have to win their life, not a game, not some money.  Life.  This is reality.  I realize some may not have a clue what I am talking about and that is OK.  But for those of us who have watched our children, a loved one, a friend, endure more than one can think possible, that is what a hero is to me.  Someone who has beat the odds, given their life for a cause (military), someone who does not think of themselves, someone who does not want that fame, but just to do the right thing.

Look at Jesus.  He was broken for us.  He endured pain and suffering that we can not imagine.  How many of us think of Jesus as our hero.  He lost everything, He gave His life, for who?  Sinners?  Yes, people who rebuked Him.  He hung on a cross battered and shattered.  He submitted to His Father, who called Him to be the ultimate sacrifice for us, our sins.  While we were still sinners He died for us.  It gives me goosebumps every time I hear that.  And yet, we often times forget this.  We go on living for something else, idolizing things of this world.  And most of that stuff will just fade away.  Nothing, other than the promise of God will give us everlasting life.

I may be a little passionate about this.  I see people spending all day planning and preparing for a game.  Something that really means nothing.  I could not tell you who played in the Superbowl last year, but I can tell you something about my hero, what she endured.  I can tell you that it changed me.  It changed me to be a better person, to live a better life.  She inspired me do something, to reach for a higher goal, to make an impact in this world.  She does every day, just being her.  Every day she works so hard for things that come so naturally to us.  Every day she accomplishes more than I do.  She does not give up, she is persistent.  She amazes me.  And she does it with a smile on her face.  Jesus, my hero, has sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of me.  He has given me promise after promise.  He has been faithful, He has answered prayers, and has left some unanswered.  He has worked all things for my benefit, His glory.  He is amazing.  Has your hero done that for you?

I guess I just get sick of looking to people who are not good examples.  They may be good athletes, they may be cute, they may make a lot of money, they may drive a fancy car.  I want my children to look up to real people.  People who are going to want them to do the right thing, inspire them to do more, be a good role model, mimic their values and faith.  I want their hero to be someone that respects them back, who loves them and cares for them.  While it is fun to see a superstar and to watch a game, but to idolize is wrong.

The other reason I was inspired to write this post is there is a little girl who is in surgery right now getting a new heart.  She has waited her whole life, in the hospital for a new heart.  She has fought for that new heart.  But not only that.  There is a family who is mourning the loss of a child, sibling, son/daughter, mother/father, aunt/uncle, friend.  Someone who gave life to another person selflessly.  Someone who realized that a life had ended, but that the beat of their heart could give life to someone else.  How amazing is that.  A true hero that we may never know of.  We may never hear the story.  But one that I look up to.  One that inspires me to be better.  I can't even imagine what either family is feeling right now.  One is getting life because another life ended.  One is mourning a loss and had to make a tough decision to allow life to go on for someone else.  How beautiful is that.

God works in amazing ways.  If we can embrace these miracles, these heroes that He has placed among us, what a blessing we can receive.  I feel like the most blessed mother most days to be able to parent someone like Lydia.  She has fought, she has battled, she has won.  Each day she wins.  Each day she lives to the fullest.  Each day she inspires someone.  She is my hero.  Heroes come in all shapes and forms, who is your hero.  What have they done for you to make you a better person, to inspire you?  God gave me Lydia to constantly remind me of what Jesus did for me on the cross.  To be reminded of who I hold the highest in my life.  I am so blessed.  I am so blessed.

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