Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last Day of Lessons Learned from Lydibug! Day 31

Well, October has come and is almost gone.  It has been fun writing down the lessons that Lydia has taught me.  I am a better person because of her.  However, the most valuable lesson that I learned this month was from a lady who chose not to look beyond a physical difference, a lady who chose to stay in a world where she closes herself off to learn some of the greatest lessons and experience some of the best blessings.  I can write today and say I am thankful for that experience.  While the words still sting and I will never quite understand what would lead a person to say something so horrible out loud, I appreciate her teaching me lessons too.

Just because October is almost gone does not mean that the job of spreading awareness stops.  As I was taught by this lady, there is still much work to be done.  Showing people that folks like Lydia are much more alike than different.  If we could all accept each other like children do to one another, life would be grand.  I had the opportunity to talk to a classroom of 3, 4, and 5th graders.  They were able to ask questions and I educated them about Lydia.  The learned, they asked their questions, and they faced their fears of the what ifs.  Every morning I drop my children at school, every one of those students line up to give Lydia a hug, to pick her up, to get "knucks" or a high five.  Lydia walks those halls like she owns them making sure to say hi to everyone.  That would be the picture perfect place.  Since it is not, we need to continue to spread the awareness!

A recap of the lessons Lydia has taught me.....
*The power of prayer is an amazing thing.  This is our life line to God who makes all things possible.
*When the situation is tough, turn up the music and dance like no one is watching.
*Having faith in God is our true foundation; without that we are just on sinking sand.
*Love is a sacrifice, love is a choice; love is not just a feeling.
*Lydia has unleashed a passion in my for creating awareness for Down syndrome.
*Giving is super important and giving beyond yourself is even better.
*I am to be an active and involved parent.
*Lydia has taught me how to have courage, even when the mountain seems too high to climb.
*Be comfortable in the skin you have, no matter what it may look like.
*Be informed, ask questions and think more objectively.
*Fears should not dictate our decisions; we need to face them head on.
*Determination....never give up!
*Small moments are a huge thing; learn to appreciate them!
*Remember what you prayed for and savor those moments; no matter how long/short they may be!
*True contentment!
*Judgment is a terrible thing.
*Sacrifice is a joyful thing.
*Joy does not mean happy all the time, rather it is a way of life.
*Think outside the box.
*Big or small, able or differently-able, we all have an important place.
*Value each relationship.
*There is still a lot of awareness that needs to be done, so keep on spreading the word!
*Take the high road, especially in difficult situations.
*There is always room for improvement in yourself, never settle.
*A smile has amazing power!
*The word possible says I'm possible!
*Imperfections are a blessing and they are perfect!
*Encourage one another.

There are many more lessons that she has taught me and that she will continue to teach me along the way.  I am constantly growing and becoming more of the person that God wants me to be.  I am so blessed to be on this journey.  Thank you for taking a moment to read the lessons that Lydia has taught me.  Enjoy the pictures.  A picture says it all...she is worth a million words, a million smiles, a million hugs, a million prayers!  She has a lot of value and she belongs in our family!

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