Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lessons Learned From Lydibug Day 3

Today we celebrate a two year anniversary for Lydia.  Two years ago Lydia went in for her Gastric Transposition surgery.  Two years ago her anatomy would change forever.  Two years ago I could not even picture a day like today!  So it only seemed fitting that I write about the gift of faith that Lydia has given to me!  I have to say that I was not preparing to write this one so early as this has affected everything.  But as I was updating her caring bridge today, it was made clear that today is the day!

The dictionaries definition of faith is as follows:

Noun: 1.    Complete trust or confidence in something.  This restores one faith's in politicians.
Synonyms: trust, believe, confidence, conviction
2.    Strong belief in God or in the doctrines of other religion based on a spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Complete trust or confidence in something.  What does it mean to have COMPLETE trust or confidence in something.  I remember handing off Lydia to the surgeon.  I trusted him, I understood that he would take as good care of her as he could, I understood the surgery and the risks and complications.  However, I know that I could not have complete confidence in him and the surgery; after all he is only human and we all make mistakes.

When the situation was so large that I was unsure of what else I could do, I had to have complete faith in God.  Faith that He would do as He says in the Bible that He will do.  I had to have faith that it would work out exactly as God had designed it to, not the way that I wanted it to!  Faith, much larger than me and much harder to completely believe than I thought it would be!  Faith that was larger than our circumstance.  Faith that did not change.

Believing that God is who He says He is and believing in the Bible, regardless of how far from society it is, is faith.  Believing the entire Bible without adding in what I think should be in there.  Having faith in the Bible for exactly what it says, the way it says!  It is a hard thing to completely believe without seeing.  It is hard to not add in our own thoughts to make it fit our lifestyle better.  Faith that God is there even though we cannot see Him or touch Him.

Lydia had complete faith and trust in her mom and dad.  She trusted us.  We were given several proofs that she did.  The way her heart rate came down when we entered the unit, the way she turned to the sound of our voice.  She probably was just like any other baby in that respect.  She trusted us completely.  She had faith that we would make the very best decisions for her.

Faith that can move mountains is what she gave me.  Faith that can remove stereotypes.  Faith that can see only love.  Faith that can take you out of the deepest darkest pit and give you a peace that can only come from above.  Faith that is unshakable.  This is Lydia's gift to me.

I would realize, two years ago, what that faith really meant.  As we stood there praying and pleading with God to spare Lydia's life.  We thought we were ready but when the moment was there, we were not.  But we had faith knowing that God would work it out for His glory.  Faith that God knows what is best.  Faith that we did our research and disagreeing with the doctors was really in Lydia's best interest.  Faith to walk on the water, holding the Father's hand and not to get distracted.  Faith is what she gave us.

Faith has transformed my life is so many ways.  I am so so very thankful of the faith she has given me.  I am so so thankful for this journey and the lessons I have been taught.  Most of all, I am thankful that God loved me enough to put me here.  God loved me enough to teach me all about faith through Lydia!

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