Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lessons Learnd from Lydibug Day 13

Today I want to talk about determination.  I have never seen someone fight so hard to accomplish something that comes so easy to the rest of the world.  Every set back seems to make Lydia more and more determined.  That determination has allowed her to overcome some huge obstacles.  Her determination has also caught fire in our house and that is why we are able to continue doing what we do.

Lydia has struggled to gain weight well.  It has been a family ordeal to get her to eat.  From issues with her feeding tube to sickness to just getting her to take a bite, it has been a long road.  I fear that we are just getting going on this road.  But her determination has caught fire with both of our other girls.  Every Tuesday morning they ask if she has gained weight.  They are excited when she gains and they are sad when she loses.  They take pride because they are in this journey right along with her! 

Even on the days that I am exhausted (and don't get me wrong that is just about every single day), I remind myself of how much determination Lydia has to keep her moving forward.  That is enough to keep me going too!  It is super contagious.

As we switch gears to get her transitioned into school, she reminds me how far that determination needs to go.  It is hard and it always seems to be a battle.  But no one tells her that she can't do it, that she is not capable because she is so determined.  I must remind myself of that too.  She can do and so can I.

This lesson is one that I could have never taught my other children.  They understand determination and the concept of never giving up, no matter what.  My other girls have been there when people have told us that Lydia is not worth anything, when I was told that she should have been aborted, when the doctor said that there is more to life than Lydia; she should be in an institution.  However, they understand Lydia's determination and how that has gotten her so far.  They understand that you don't walk out on the ones you love, you keep going, no matter what.

I feel so blessed that God loves me enough to teach me this lesson.  Determination at its best is Lydia.  Determination in action on a daily basis is Lydia.  Determination is Lydia.  I have never seen determination quite like Lydia.  It makes me so proud of her.  I am so blessed because I get to learn this lesson each and every day and I get to see it in action every single day.  Thank you Lydia for showing me what it is like to have determination and let nothing, nothing sand in the way!!!

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