Monday, October 21, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 21

I realize that Lydia is still young enough that the world has not reared its ugly head at her yet.  Society has yet to influence her too much (I realize it is all over).  However, there are differences that I notice about her than her sisters at this age.  She has a presence about her that is much different.  She is completely confident, proud, and comfortable with who she is.  There is not a shyness to this about her at all.  She is just completely satisfied with being Lydia.

I think it is wonderful.  I know that I had talked about the confidence that she has, and about being comfortable in her own skin, but I am talking about being proud of who she is.  She understands what she is good at and is confident in that.  She does them well.  She will try the things that she typically does not succeed in, however, you can tell that she knows what she does well and she is very proud of that.

It reminds me about the Bible when it talks about the members of the body.  We are all important no matter what we are.  Not all of us can be the heart or the brain, some of us are required to be a nail or a strand of hair, a nose or an ear.  No matter what the part is, we are needed and we are important.

If you don't think that a strand of hair is important, think back to a picture and you noticed that your daughter's hair had one strand out of place.  I bet it bothered you.  I have been there too!  Even the smallest part of our body, when not working properly, can hurt us in a big way.  This is how God designed it, big or small we all matter.

It is like Lydia completely understands what she is to do and she is doing it well.  So if her service was to set up the chairs for Sunday service, she does that to give God glory, does it with a smile on her face, and she does it in a way that you would think it is the most important job on earth.  She does it so well that you want that job because you are now thinking setting chairs is that important.  Whatever it is that you do well, you are do it awesome, not complain and give glory to God.

How amazing is that?  I have a long ways to go on this one.  I am still completely lost at my gifts and what I am good at.  Most days I long to do something cooler than what my gifts and talents are.  However, if I recognized what I was good at by being proud of the person God made me, and I did what it was that God designed me to do, and did it well; I would probably feel like I had more of a place.

It is amazing to me that she has this all figured out in a place that says she has no place.  What a backward place we live in.  Our society, well not as much as before, says she is a burden, she does not have a place, she will bog our family down.  However, if you look at her, get to know her, she knows exactly who she is, what she can (and can't) do and she is proud of that.  A lesson that we all need to learn.  We need more Lydia's around to make ourselves better!

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