Friday, October 11, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 11

There is always two sides to every story.  There are always multiple ways of doing things to arrive at the right answer.  Lydia has constantly shown me this.  And, as Lydia likes to continue to show, there usually are exceptions to the law!  Lydia has proven over and over and over again that she will usually open your eyes to something that you may have not thought about before!

I can think of many examples.  Lydia was born with many medical complications.  I learned fast that there really is not much of a science to the medical part of things.  There are really good theories that work sometimes, but not all.  If you think about it, we are all different, we all carry a different make-up; so there is not going to be one exact cure for everyone.

There may be drugs that are better for children that have a condition like Lydia, but it is not going to work all of the time, no matter what the doctors say.  I think that it is important to do your research and to know what you are talking about.  But it is also important to spend time with your child and realize that there may be something else going on.

I talk about this from a medical point of view because I was surprised often times at how little science was playing into what was really happening.  We have the best of the best in terms of technology, but it is only as good as the machine.  Often times machines would alarm and the numbers would indicate that Lydia should not be breathing, when in fact she was.  (The best advice we got was to look at the patient first and then at the machines.  Your eyes on the patient are far more accurate than any machine.)  There would be times that after trying everything they could come up with, the least likely thing would work.

This is a great example for our lives.  There may be things that should work but don't.  There may be things that are long shots and may prove to be the very best.  I think that everything is worth a try (as long as you weigh your risks and really asses the situation).

I remember when Lydia was really really sick.  We had given her a silly supplement that I actually had pushed the nutritionist as to why Lydia really needed it.  After dragging my feet for weeks, I finally gave it to her.  Instantly she was sick.  While I did not put the connection together right away, I knew that this was the only thing that was changed with her diet.  After being made out to feel really silly in front of the doctors, I shut my mouth.  I still had that feeling.  They said it would be really rare if she had a reaction from the supplement.

Two weeks almost to the hour the supplement was given to her and 911 had to be called.  There was no way they were telling me any different this time.  I knew my child and I knew; rare or not, this was something that we would not continue with.

Lydia has taught me to look at situations more objectively, to figure out the facts, to ask questions, and to try things out.  She has taught me not to discount things when they seem silly because you never really know.  God is in control and He is the only one that knows.  No mom knows everything, no doctor has the right answers.  Be in prayer and meditation and be open to the impossible.  After all, God is using all sinners to complete His master plan and He can use us in powerful ways if we allow ourselves to be open.

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