Monday, October 28, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 28

Lydia has taught me that in the word impossible it really spells I'm possible.  Despite what others may say aloud (even if you can't believe that they would really say that), what others will think, how they will judge, or what the silent stares may say....Lydia has done far more than what I will ever accomplish and more than what most others will do in a lifetime.  Lydia has defied life itself with fighting constantly to be where she is today, she has overcome stereotype after stereotype just by being who she was created to be and she continues to teach me and those around her about themselves and life.  She is simply amazing and she is possible.

With each task for her it may seem like she can't.  However, she will work and she will fight until she can accomplish it.  For someone else it may not even seem like a big deal, it may not even seem like a task; for Lydia it may be a mountain, it may seem impossible, but she too will climb it when she is ready, she will accomplish it on her own time.  She may fall a couple hundred times, she may lose her footings more than a time or two, she may get caught in the elements, but she will never give up.  She constantly picks herself up and keeps going.  She is on no time schedule, she is not comparing herself to anyone or anything else, she is not meeting a deadline, and often times she really does not matter what it takes to do it.  She does not care how she looks she does not even care what others thinks.  She focus in on her task and does what it takes until it is complete.  She is possible and she teaches others how to think they are possible too.

When I think that I can't climb this next mountain that is staring me in the face, when I think that I am completely exhausted, I think of Lydia.  With each task she has accomplished, with each new milestone, it did not matter how many people said that she could not do it, how long it took, how many times she failed; she never gave up.  She kept at it until she could do it.  That is what I call inspiration.  That is what I call complete victory.  That is what I call worth.

She sees life through an entirely different lens.  Some may say it is distorted, it has no value, it is worthless, it is R****ted; I call it beautiful.  I wish I had that same lens.  She may never accomplish some of the things that her sisters accomplish, however, they will never accomplish what Lydia accomplishes either.  See we can look with a judging lens over her and try to discourage her, but that still will not keep her down.  We can look at her with an open lens and try to encourage her and see how much she amazes us.  If any child is look at with "I'm Possible" every child can flourish...she is no different.

Lydia is content with her lens, with who she is, her accomplishments, her talents, her abilities, with how God created her.  She does not want to change that, she wants to share with you who she is, what she is able to do, and laugh with you.  She wants to know you and create a friendship with you.  I am trying to learn from this, I am trying to be more like that, however, I would LOVE to see the world through her lens, so pure and untainted. 

I am so blessed to have Lydia in my life and continually teach me how to be better, how to live life being content just the way you are.  I am so blessed that she is patient and kind and willing to share her gifts she was given so freely.  I am so blessed, even on those days that it is hard.  The impossible always will be I'm possible no matter what.  The impossible will always be possible when I am working hard.  Thanks Lydia for another very valuable lesson.  It looks like mom has a lot of work ahead of her implementing all of these valuable lessons.

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