Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 2

One thing that is hard about writing for 31 days is that some days you just don't have it in you!  I like to write when I want to.  However, it is very important for me to write and share the lessons that Lydia has taught me.  I love to focus on who she is and how she makes me who I am today.  I think that every fiber of who I am has been changed for the better because of her.

Originally I was going to go in some kind of order.  I didn't figure out that order.  Now I can't stop thinking of lessons that she has taught me.  I am having a hard time trying to narrow it down to just 31 lessons that she has taught me.  There are so many things that she does just because she is Lydia and they have taught me so much!

We drive a lot.  We have lots of appointments in Milwaukee.  I have to take the girls into town every day for school and pick them up!  Both of the grandparents live about two hours away.  My husband works one hour away from our house.  So, we drive a lot.  And we listen to a lot of music.  And we talk a lot in the car.  It is a good bonding time.

Sometimes, after a rough morning of getting all of the kids ready and out the door on time, I am exhausted.  I am frustrated.  I am angry.  Mornings are a really rough time.  Recently we have been getting in the car and just praying.  Praying for our day, asking for forgiveness from the morning.  All of the girls participate in the prayer; even Lydia. 

However, after the prayer we turn up the CD and just dance.  There is nothing like watching your two year old get everyone in the car just bopping their heads, shaking their butts in the seat, throwing their arms up in the air, and just letting lose.  The smiles and the giggles are priceless.

Lydia has taught me how to release everything through dancing.  I know sounds silly, but what a great thing.  And to see her dancing and smiling and having fun is so rewarding.  To watch her interact with her sisters and dance with them is amazing.  It melts my heart.

I feel in many ways it is like Lydia understands the stressfulness of the morning and knows that I need help just releasing it.  After we pray we are to release that to God and allow Him to take care of that.  I am not good at it.  So this is Lydia's way to help mommy just remember that we are to have joy that comes from the Lord.

Most mornings we pull into school with the music blaring and we are dancing to "Every Move I Make."  We probably look so silly and people are probably watching me drive thinking man that is one mom who has completely lost her mind.  And for moments I have, I have released everything with my kids and just allow pure joy to take over.  It is the best.  These are the moments I live for. 

Thank you Lydia for allowing your joy to spill over to the rest of the family.  Thank you for reminding me that I need to release those worries and cares to God, He will take care of them for me.  Thank you for showing me the joy through music and dance.  Thank you for putting a smile on my face and allowing me to forget about why I was mad.  You are my dose of sunshine every day!

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  1. Love it and love to dance too. Isn't great to be inspired by our kids. My 3 with DS take ballroom dance class every Weds. night. No matter how tired I am I feel better just watching them dance with their friends:)