Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 15

I always hear people say that they long for those baby years; that our children grow up way too fast.  I totally agree.  However, I get the advantage of savoring these years with Lydia.  It is like God has allowed me to preserve some of the years with her and just soak up each sweet moment.


One may say that she is delayed and I like to think that she is being kind to me.  I like to think that she is allowing me to take in each sweet moment of baby that I can possibly hold.  She will most likely be the last baby in our house and she is allowing me to savor every moment.  I don’t want her to grow up.


I still enjoy rocking her to sleep, cuddling with her, changing her diapers (I know crazy, but for this too I prayed!), having her need me, comforting her, hearing her sweet soft cries, grabbing her out of her crib (well, the only thing she knows as a crib), smelling her sweet soft skin.  I enjoy all of the things about baby.  I am in no hurry to have her grow up.  She is allowing me to savor these moments and appreciate what I do have.


Often times our child turns two and we wonder where time has gone.  We long for those days of baby back.  We wish that we had taken more time and that we would remember those long nights where baby just needed mom, what they smelled like, the soft coos, the hours of snuggling and watching them meet every milestone.  They grow up and then we wonder where that time has gone.


Lydia has allowed me extra days, weeks, and months of these precious moments.  While our society says she is delayed, she has not achieved the milestones at an appropriate time, she is behind for her age; I see it as a blessing, I see it in a totally different way.  I get to enjoy her longer.  I get to understand what each milestone is because she needs to work so hard to achieve them.  I get to have my baby a while longer!

It has taken me a long time to get to this point and yes, there are still lots of times when it is really hard it stings.  However, she has given me gift after gift and it is a blessing.  I have had the chance to fail, make mistakes and learn from them.  I have the opportunity to savor these moments, embrace them and etch them in my mind.  Because before too long, she too, will be a big girl and I will crave these moments.  How blessed am I?

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