Monday, October 14, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 14

Each morning we are awakened with a beautiful sunrise from our Heavenly Father.  Each fall we get to see the most vibrant colors on the trees, a picture that cannot be duplicated in beauty.  Each night we can look up and see a sky full of stars and just stand in awe of the majesty of it.  Every where we turn God is giving us beauty beyond our comprehension; and yet often times we are too busy to see it.  Often times we don't take the time to see it.

Lydia has taught me how to slow down and appreciate every moment.  Often times she does this in the form of a hug.  She will reach out to one of her sisters who are crying and in pain.  She will walk over there, often times falling on them, and wrap her arms around them and squeeze.  She will pull away with a HUGE smile on her face.  Pure joy.  Those moments are simply priceless.

I remember back in the hospital room when I could not do anything for her.  Days when she had so many tubes and lines and medicine going in there it seemed as though she was getting strangled in the bed just laying there.  I was reminded by many of the amazing nurses who cared for her the importance of touch, singing a song, reading a book.  No matter what the environment of the room was, I would sing.  I have never been proud of my voice, but I would sing.  Most times you would walk in her room and hear music playing.  We were not ashamed to play our Jesus glorifying music either.  I would be reading a book or telling her something about her sisters as nurses where changing dressing.  I would hold her hand and pray with her.  These are moments that allowed me to bond with her, even when I thought that I was doing nothing.  These are moments now that I treasure as sweet memories.

It is in the small stuff, that most times I miss, that are so important.  When I see that she has taken more than 20 steps and I kneel to be on her level and give her praise; she has a smile that melts my heart.  Takes me right out of a bad day.  When she is getting in trouble and I just want to yell and scream and spank her; there is that smile that comes out of the corner of her mouth and that look like "Ya right mom, you can't be mad at me!" (I am in trouble, by the way, with that look; I usually completely melt.)  Those moments that we miss but are so important to us.  I believe that God gives us these moments to make sure that we are bringing honor and glory to Him.  And most times I find myself in moments that I NEED a new attitude.  She is always doing that for me!  What a HUGE blessing it is.

These small moments that have become BIG and life changing for me.  I am so blessed to have been taught this because it has transformed who I am.  I no longer look for that HUGE vacation.  My girls are happy with going to the lake, climbing a rock, and just hanging as a family.  Just taking in every moment, ceasing the time and completely enjoying it.  Too often I let it pass me by and I miss out on a blessing, the chills of the evening sky, the hug of a sunrise, or the importance to my kids of noticing the small stuff.  I dare to say, that so far, Lydia has not let one of those moments pass her by.  She is contagious and rubbing off on her entire family.  We enjoy less stress and are having more fun.  What an amazing blessing.  I am completely blessed beyond measure because God allowed me to have a child like Lydia.  What a blessing!

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