Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lessons Learned from Lydibug Day 22

Today's lesson that I want to share with you is about relationships.  Lydia has taught me a lot about relationships.  I thought that I was pretty good with relationships and then she came along.  I had to learn how to step outside of my comfort zone and really listen.  Something that I am not good at; listening.  She taught me how valuable relationships are and how important they are to our existence.  She taught me about weathering relationships in hard times and in good, in stressful situations and in easy situations, and with people you like and people you don't.  It is all important.

Being in the hospital is no fun at all.  However, it is much more difficult when a doctor who is caring for your precious little one has a bad bedside manner, or you and the doctor just don't get along or see eye to eye.  However, even in these tough situations when emotions are running high, you still have to get along.  Somewhere, and often times it falls to the parents shoulders, must compromise or "pretend to agree" for the sake of your sick child.  Sometimes you don't agree with how they treat your child, how they interact with the siblings, how they treat you, how they talk down to you; however, you still need to have a working relationship with them, there needs to be proper communication so the goal at hand can be accomplished.  Tough, but it can be done.  And it will be done with that is your child laying there.

You soon realize that screaming and yelling is not the way to handle it.  You soon realize that sometimes being silent is better than talking over them.  You soon realize that you can get what you want (or what you child needs) when you are in a good relationship with the doctor or the nurse or the therapist or the school.  Teaching yourself how to be effective in relationships is really an art.  Thanks to Lydia I have realized that and I have started working on that.

A marriage in a stressful time is really hard.  Days when you are upset with what is going on at the hospital or you just want to be out of the situation, it is so easy to take it out on your spouse.  However, by talking through your emotions, and listening, and just crying at times are much more productive ways to release that extra emotion.  Somehow God just carried my husband and I through these tough times in the hospital.  Our marriage has been greatly strengthened.  I can't really explain it but by allowing God to work in and through us, we are much stronger by enduring months in the hospital than we were before.  And very few times did we not honor one another.  Just another great miracle that we were able to experience from God.  But we have learned how to respect one another in good times and in bad. 

Last night we had one of our CICU nurses come to our house for dinner.  After almost two years we have a friendship with her.  She drove the 45 minutes to our house and hung out with our family.  She is just a wonderful wonderful nurse.  But again, Lydia taught us the importance of having relationships.  She taught us the bond of lasting friendship.  This nurse has gone above and beyond the call of duty many times and Lydia was extremely blessed to have her care for her.  We are beyond blessed to be able to call her friend.  Because of Lydia we understand better how important relationships are.

Relationships are the key to most everything in life.  Because of what Lydia has taught me, I have a better relationship with my husband, my children, my mom, my mother-in-law, my dad, my father-in-law, my sisters, my nieces and nephews.  I understand how fragile life is and that my silly little battles just are not worth it.  It is better, often times. to forget my small gripes for the sake of the relationship.  I am so blessed that God loved me enough that He gave Lydia to our family.

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