Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lessons Learned From Lydibug Day 30

I can't believe that it is the end of the month almost!  There are still so many lessons that she has taught me, but I believe she will continue to teach me daily.  She is such a blessing.  Today will be the last lesson that I am sharing.  Tomorrow I thought it would be fun to a do a recap of all of the lessons from this month as well as share a lot of photos of our little Lydibug!  Thank you again for reading and encouraging.  I love to write, even though I am not so good at it (I don't reread so often times there are a lot of grammatical errors and incomplete sorry) but it is fun to see that people actually read what I write!  Thanks!

Lydia has taught me the importance of encouragement.  I know funny because she does not yet talk so how can she encourage?  However, she communicates very well with her body and expressions.  You always know what is going on with her.  Lately she has been trying to communicate by mouth and I wish she would do far less of it because she seems to yell and grunt all of the time.  Mommy's ears could use a little bit of a break!  But she is a great encourager.

Right before someone is leaving in our house, Lydia picks up on it.  She realizes they are grabbing their keys or putting their shoes on or jacket on.  Whatever she is doing she will walk over to the door and give them a hug.  If for some reason it is not a hug she will start waving goodbye.  And they always get a smile to leave the house with. 

When one of her sisters gets hurts she always is there for a hug to them.  She pats them on the back and tells them it will be OK.  Before we go to bed she always has to give everyone a hug.  She is good at giving strangers hugs and waving at them in the store.  It always seems like it is someone who needs it too!  She always seems to know just the person or the time to send a hug or a smile to in order to be a pick-me-up to their day.

In just watching her interact with people you understand the importance of encouragement.  Because of this, I try to encourage those around me as well.  Because I am an adult, and hugs and smiles just are not as cute coming from me, it usually is in the form of a note or something.  It may take a little more time, but is so worth the effort.  I also like when people leave me encouraging thoughts, Bible verses, or comments on here or our caring bridge site and I think that maybe someone would like that.

The other day we received a box of cookies.  I had no idea where they were from or who sent them.  There was one sticker on there that read Sunflour Confections.  The return address was from TX.  Who do I know in TX and why would they be sending cookies?  Upon a little more investigating I discovered that it was part of the Icing Smiles organization.  Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides cakes to those children battling medical problems.  We had a sugar angel this year for Lydia's 2nd Birthday and she did the most amazing cake.

Well, I wrote them a thank you, both our new sugar angel and Icing Smiles to let them know that I really needed that pick me up.  (I have been a little blue and struggling a bit after last week and those unkind words!)  After sending the thank you note, I realized how important it is to say thank you, encourage others, and share your story.  Someone else also needed to be encouraged by someone sharing their story.  It is amazing the impact you can have on someone else when you take a moment to encourage, say thank you, or share your story.

Once again, lesson learned.  This has been a fun lesson.  In the hospital I wrote a thank you note to every nurse who cared for Lydia.  I wrote a note to every doctor who helped us out.  It was a small way to let them know that I appreciated what they did.  It was very therapeutic for me as well.  This is a lesson that I have learned and tried to apply as much as possible.  It is so important for us to encourage those around us.  It changes a whole day when I know others are praying for me, for our family, for Lydia.  Who will you encourage today?

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